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Empower your business with English taught by teachers specializing in your industry.

How it works

4 simple steps...and your company is learning English

  1. Get a free test drive
  2. Find teachers that match your industry
  3. Add your staff
  4. Track your employees' progress

The difference

Your business is our focus

Our partners include companies with remote employees or multiple offices. The WES platform lets them offer centralized education to everyone who needs it, all at a predictably high quality level.

Native speakers only

Professional teachers with real-world experience in your industry.

Track the process

Full control over the education process via the powerful WES portal.

Professional software

Professional web-conferencing software offering the best audio and video quality anywhere.

Individual vs. groups

Tools that let you decide how your employees should learn.

The evidence

Here's what our customers have to say


Natalia Antonova

Marketing Director

We work with partners in Europe, which underlines the importance of professionalism and continual growth for us, our products, and our employees. Their level of English has increased, in turn improving their ability to deal with our suppliers.

London Express

Marina Evdokimova


WES was fantastic! We used their web-conferencing solution for lessons that turned out great. Their attention to detail, the interesting and accessible materials they used, and their willingness to handle every question we had were exemplary.

Only the best teachers for your employees

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