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The Piasecki Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, financially supported by donations from the community and operating in the southeast Florida area. The Piasecki Foundation aims to eliminate poverty by providing financial/investing education and career training in high-income occupations to economically disadvantaged individuals.

The Piasecki Foundation operates three programs to support its mission.

Understanding how to manage wealth is as important to financial health as earning more income. At our Financial Education seminar, participants learn how to manage their money more efficiently. They learn how to prepare and manage a budget, how to make wise spending decisions, how to better manage their debt and how to value saving money over spending it, among many other topics.

Our Career Training program provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain jobs in high-paying career fields. Currently, the program features a course in Computer Software Development. This long-term course, aims to prepare each participant for a career in Information Technology (IT) as a computer programmer or software developer.

Investing is the means by which all financially successful people grow their wealth. Our seminar on stock market investing is designed to educate participants on the basics of the stock market and empower them to begin investing on their own. To grow wealth over the long-term, it is vitally important to have investments in financial markets, like the stock market.


The Piasecki Foundation

1245 South Powerline Road #301
Pompano Beach, FL.  33069

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